How to pay back The Blue Flames:

We play for fun – that’s our bottom line. But we also gain a tremendous amount of enjoyment by having those we play for show their appreciation by making donations to charities that mean the most to us. Our main charity is...

Neighborhood Connections, Inc.
c/o Jackie Borella
PO Box 207
Londonderry, VT 05148

When we play, how much should you give? Our minimum for a gig is $2,000 – but many have gotten into the charitable spirit and given more. Once we agree on an amount and method of payment, the music can start! And on the day of your event when our music stops, just hand us your check (made out to the Neighborhood Connections, Inc.). It’s that easy.

The good news for you? When you pay us by contributing to our charities, your donations are tax deductible for you. We take no financial credit. All we ask is that you mention The Blue Flames on the "memo" line of your checks to help the charity connect us to you.

From the Linvilles and Wells, Thank you very much. We ask you to please be as generous as you can. And most of all, enjoy our music!

Bob & Barbara Wells
1211 Thompsonburg Road
South Londonderry, VT 05155

Jim & Vicky Linville
Ettinger Road
Weston, VT 05161